If you’re feeling tired, emotionally or physically?  Are you being troubled by a nagging backache and so on?  Why not indulge in a massage to receive an immediate shot of energy and relief? Come sink into our plush table and release yourself into our capable hands… we’ve got you… now relax! My services include:

Therapeutic Massage

$70.00 for one hour of bodywork

$90.00 for and 1-1/2 hours of full body massage

Signature Therapeutic Massage :  Incorporates all the techniques listed below for your relaxation sore muscles and overall wellbeing. Swedish Massage:  Is a very relaxing and therapeutic style of bodywork.  It combines oils or lotion with an array of strokes such as rolling, kneading, friction and percussion.  Swedish massage is used to promote relaxation, flexibility, improve circulation and rid the tissues of waste products. MLD / Manual Lymph Drainage: Lymph drainage is gentle, rhythmical, and soothes the nervous system. I invite you to treat yourself to seasonal MLD treatments as a way of exercising your immune system.  A sluggish lymphatic system increases the chance of chronic illness and disease. MLD is very effective in countering the body’s natural inflammatory response following soft tissue trauma. These include sprains, fractures, orthopaedic surgeries and replacements, and orthodontic surgery. Deep Tissue Massage: This type of massage reaches the deep layers of muscle tissue in order to release tension.  Slow strokes and deep finger pressure are applied to areas of muscle in the body that are tense.  The hands follow the contours of the muscles, tendons, and fascia (fibrous connective tissue), or work across the grain.  Deep tissue massage is often used to relieve low back pain and to loosen tight muscles. Sports Massage:  Using the techniques of Swedish and Deep Tissue massage combined, focuses on the muscles used in a particular sport.  The purpose is to relieve pain from an injury or to restore or maintain mobility. Trigger Point Therapy:  This type of bodywork focuses on stimulating and releasing “Trigger Points” in your muscle tissues.  These points or knots, are built up due to stress, physically, mentally and/or emotionally.  Pressure is applied through a variety of techniques in order to free the muscle congestion, restoring circulation and relieving pain and stiffness.  This process can be quite painful at times, most clients describe this pain as a “good hurt” that brings a lasting effect and are wonderfully transformative. All above treatments are offered in time slots of 60 or 90 mins.

Complete Decongestive Therapy  (CDT):

Lymphedema Therapy

90 minute session- $90.00

Decongestive Therapy – phase one:  This goal is achieved by a combination of different treatment modalities, all of which are integral components of CDT, and include Manual Lymph Drainage (MLD), Compression therapy*, Decongestive and breathing exercises and Instructive Skin and nail care.  (Garments and bandaging not included) Maintenance Therapy MLD and Compression Therapy- phase two: In order to control lymphatic swelling it is necessary to regularly re-route the lymph flow – to remove excess protein and water molecules – around the blocked area(s) into more centrally located healthy lymph vessels followed by daily compression garments. Certified garment fitting included.

Personally  trained by the Internationally known Guenter Klose of  Klose Training & Consulting LLC.(www.klosetraining.com) He instructs classes in partnership of the world-renowned Foeldi Clinic of Hinterzarten, Germany. 

I am proud of my certification as a Certified Lymphedema Therapist.  I have gained proficiency in Manual Lymph Drainage (MLD) (Vodder Technique) and Complete Decongestive Therapy (CDT) as well as Lymphedema compression bandaging and compression garment fitting.  Please continue to the next page for a more in depth understanding of CDT.**

*This therapy is 90 minutes in length and therapeutic for Lymphedema clients.  * Clients purchase their own compression bandages, maintenance garments and accessories.  

A free consultation (up to one hour) required before first treatment is given.

What is Lymphedema?

Lymphedema is caused by an abnormality of the lymphatic system leading to excessive build up of tissue fluid that forms lymph, known as interstitial fluid. Stagnant lymph fluid contains protein and cell debris that causes swelling of affected tissues. Lymph is responsible for transporting essential immune chemicals and cells. Left untreated, lymphedema leads to chronic inflammation, infection and hardening of the skin that, in turn, results in further lymph vessel damage and distortion of the shape of affected body parts.

Interstitial fluid can build up in any area of the body that has inadequate lymph drainage and cause lymphedema. Lymphedema is a condition that develops slowly and once present is usually progressive.

People can be born with abnormalities in the lymphatic system. This type of lymphedema is known as Primary Lymphedema. Depending on how severe the condition is, swelling can be present at birth or may develop later in life.198 Most lymphedema in the United States is Secondary Lymphedema. This type of lymphedema occurs from damage to the lymphatic system, commonly from cancer and its treatment but also from trauma to the skin such as from burns or infections.  Lymphedema after breast cancer has been studied the most, but lymphedema can occur as a result of other cancers, including melanoma, gynecologic cancer, head and neck cancer and sarcoma. The overall risk of lymphedema for all cancers is reported to be 15.5%. The risk of developing lymphedema does not diminish over time but is a lifelong risk.  Progressive lymphedema is complicated by recurrent infections, non-healing wounds, discomfort or pain, difficulty with daily tasks, emotional and social distress. Effective treatment for lymphedema IS available.  Early diagnosis is important since treatment is most effective when lymphedema is diagnosed at the earliest stage. Every patient with lymphedema should have access to established effective treatment for this condition. Lymphedema has no cure but can be successfully managed when properly diagnosed and treated. More Information Links:The Lymphedema Lifeline Foundation: www.lymphedemalifeline.org

The STAR Treatment:  

Lymphatic Enhancement Technology (LET): 90 minute session- $90.00

A unique combination of manual lymph drainage massage, and the use of the Lymph Star by Arcturus Star Products. The Lymph Star is a therapeutic, vibrational, massage instrument with a number of energetic modalities. They are 1) physical vibration with sonic, or acoustic waves that deliver thousands of micro-pulsations into the skin, and creates a gentle pulsing pressure. It is specifically engineered to replicate the type of motion used in manual drainage, but with an extremely rapid sequence of pulses that cannot be done by hand.  2) an electronic static field that allows dilation of the vessels via the sympathetic nerves to establish a current flow, from arteriole plasma fluid to lymph vessel and 3) electro-pressure created by use of multiple treatment points.  By placing two treatment heads at different locations on the body, you generate a “field effect” over the entire area between the heads. Arcturus Star Products calls this effect electro-pressure.  All of these emissions are extremely low in energy so they are gentle and safe.  The Lymph Star creates separation of randomly bonded proteins by presenting a flood of electrons compatible with the random structures, providing for the release of the water they are holding.  Healthy tissue protein structures do not attract water nor are they affected by the energy presented by the Lymph Star. This device is unique in it’s action and is an outstanding adjunct to manual lymph drainage therapy.  Very effective on most types of edema. This therapy is 90 minutes in length and is very soothing. Styles used in massage therapy range from long, smooth strokes to short, percussive strokes.  Massage therapist use oils and lotions. Before you can decide which massage style is best for you, you need to ask yourself a question. Do you simply want a massage for relaxation and stress control? Or do you need symptom relief or help with a certain health condition? Before booking a massage, let the therapist know what you are looking for and ask which style the therapist uses. Many use more than one style. Or the therapist may customize your massage, depending on your age, condition, or any special needs or goals you have.